Our Programs

Life Instructions for Teens

  • L.I.F.T -- Life Instructions for Teens, is a Wings to Flye Program specially designed for pre-teens. Adult professional women mentor girls through workshops geared toward shaping a young girl's morals and personal characteristics. These volunteer mentors provide leadership and share practical life lessons that helped mold them into successful women… valuable lessons that help young girls LIFT-off into a successful future.

  • L.I.F.T partners with schools to recruit students for the program.

  • Parents/Guardians are then responsible for enrolling their student in L.I.F.T

  • L.I.F.T runs the length of the school year and meets monthly during that time.

  • L.I.F.T has a group mentoring structure, with an individual focus.

L.I.F.T. Teaches:
  • Self-respect and respect for others

  • Self image

  • Health and fitness

  • Importance of manners

  • Positive attitudes

  • Personal hygiene

  • Effective communication

  • Leadership

  • How to discover your gifts and talents