About Wings to Flye


The mission of Wings to Flye is to promote superior qualities of behavior and character, through workshops and activities tailored to develop these desired traits. Our programs motivate and empower youth to define personal achievement and establish a moral compass to guide them in life.



The vision of Wings to Flye is to provide youth with a solid foundation of virtue, and inspire youth to achieve personal greatness. Through our specially tailored programs, activities and events, we turn intangible virtues into tangible tools for youth. The Wings to Flye platform develops, supports and enhances those assets to better position youth to launch into a successful future.



Wings to Flye was established in 2009 out of a desire to guide youth on a path of moral awareness and personal achievement. As a television newscaster, many times Ericka Flye reported on the ills of society affecting our youth, and negative influences taking a toll on children. Troubled by the lack of supportive mentors and good role models shaping the lives of youth, she reached out to a few of her professional friends. Together these founders created an organization that would foster positive reinforcements. Using Ericka’s last name as a cornerstone for their mission, they created Wings to Flye to give youth a launching pad to reach their highest potential.