About the Founder

Ericka Flye, Founder & President

I’m proud to be a Hoosier through and through! 

I was born and raised in Anderson, Indiana. I attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana and Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana where I earned a degree in Telecommunications.

I moved away for a short time after college. I lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Columbus, Ohio.

I made my way back home to Indiana and planted roots. I’m blessed and grateful to have a career in my home state, surrounded by my family and friends. I love my community and that’s why I’m so passionate about serving in any way I can.    

As a television newscaster for more than two decades now, I’ve invested a lot of time in my career.  I also have a serious responsibility to use this God-given platform to make a positive impact on the community off camera.  I enjoy volunteering at local organizations and I speak at numerous events.  In my spare time, I indulge in my hobbies, interior decoration, shopping, and eating – I’m a big time foodie! 

But there’s one big project I’ve really put a lot of energy into the past several years.  It’s what this website is dedicated to. It’s what brings me joy and makes me smile. It’s what renews my drive and determination every day. It’s what gives me hope for our future.  It’s doing my part to empower our youth to be the best they can be.  I’m on a mission to give our young people Wings to Flye.